Baltimore Broomball Club sweeps into town

BALTIMORE - NOTE: the broomball segment begins 1:10 minutes into the video (right after the Doomsday story).

Broomball is a sport that is sweeping the country and it’s made an impact in Baltimore. It's an ice based game similar to hockey, minus the skates.

"If you don't know how to skate. You can still play broomball and be successful," said Club Chief Ice Officer Bethany Williams. 

The players run on the ice in special broomball shoes.

"They have a thick foam sole that help you from falling as much. You're still on ice, and you're still trying to run and stop. So someone’s going to fall at some point," she said.

“Broomball is a sport for those who love hockey or don’t love hockey, who know how to skate, but don’t have to skate, and just really want a competitive environment,” Bethany added.

About five years ago, Beth launched the Baltimore Broomball Club, bringing the Midwestern sport to the East Coast.

"I happened to go to Miami University in Ohio and play and then came here, found some people who were also interested in the game and we all like it so much that we started the club,” Bethany said.

The players quickly picked up some crafty names such as Batman, Nacho Libre, Abe Lincoln, Hi-5, K20, Slick, Slash and many others. It’s a friendly game, but the guys and gals are out to clean house.

"We're going to play indoors in Maryland obviously so that we know the ice is frozen and that we're not going anywhere." 

“There’s nothing better than that feeling of putting the ball in the back of the net, saying, ‘you scored a goal,’” said player Joe Tercero.

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