Getting creative with cookies with decorating tips from a professional

REISTERSTOWN - “It’s the holiday season. You can go absolutely crazy,” said IcedGems Baking owner Christine Richardson.

The bakers at the Reisterstown Main Street shop love the holiday season. It’s their chance to get very creative with their cookies.

“This time of year we make the holiday cookies and our favorite thing to make is the sugar iced cookies,” said Christine. She says every great cookie creation begins with the right cutter.


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“We have Christmas trees of course.  For Hanukkah we have the dreidel and the little menorah. We do houses. It’s often easier to decorate a little cookie house than a huge gingerbread house,” said Christine.

“You can dress up anything including a crab,” Christine said.

If you don’t like Charm City crabs, there’s always man’s best friend.

“They want Scottie dogs or they want a Westie. Or they want ducks for a baby shower. Or a wedding cake because they are getting married,” she said.

Christine advises bakers to take their time to make the perfect batch of cookies.

“We make our dough. We let it rest. And then we get together and have great fun rolling the cookies out using our incredibly huge variety of cookie cutters.” 

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