Billy Elliot dances his way to the Hippodrome


It’s been called the best show you'll ever see – Broadway’s Billy Elliot. Based on the film in 2000, the story follows Billy out of the boxing ring and into ballet, changing his life forever.

"It takes place in a really interesting time in Northern England, during a huge minor’s strike. And Billy kind of discovers he wants to be a dancer," said Michael Biren, who is the Dance Captain in the traveling show. "It's not what society wants or what his dad wants him to do - it's what he wants to be."

Billy Elliot is playing at the Hippodrome until the end of this month; the show sort of parallels the journey of the actors playing these characters. "It really rings true to a lot of us - the idea of following through of what you want to do, what your passion is," Michael said.

A show that takes place in 1980s...let’s just say it’s a good thing the fashion trends went away. Billy Elliot goes through 13 different wardrobe changes for 40 different cast members.

"It's actually really fun to see what we're wearing for the show because it's a really interesting time in fashion. We have to wear some really interesting pieces throughout the show," Michael said.

And it’s not only the actors who are impressing audiences on stage; a score by Elton John keeps the show moving.

"I would say he's probably one of the greatest song writers of our age," Michael said about Sir Elton. "Being able to sing his music on stage every night and have his words mean so much, he really is able to tell the story through the music and the lyrics and it's really a wonderful experience."

So a mix of boxing, ballet and a whole bunch of fun…you are in for a treat.


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