'Book It' celebrates National Young Readers Week

Read a book, get a pizza

TOWSON - The Pizza Hut Book It program is encouraging elementary students to enjoy reading. Their motto “Turning have to read into want to read. Every day,” sits at the top of their website.

"It’s something we can do to get every child in Baltimore to read a book," said Pizza Hut Maryland Vice President John Schulze.

If a students reads a book, they can get a personal pan pizza.

Pizza Hut Maryland Vice President John Schulze says the Book It program is a win-win for students and educators. It also coincides with National Young Readers Week.

"The purpose of the program is to get every child excited enough to read a book," Schulze said.

This year’s theme is “Read your heart out.” The books are not assigned, so it gives students a chance to choose what they enjoy to read most.

“For some it's going to be sports. For some science or art. For some mysteries. I've got a 10-yr old granddaughter who can't read enough mysteries."

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