Chanukah House continues to shine after 21 years


For 21 years, the Chanukah House in Baltimore, Maryland has had one of the best light shows in the country. It all started with one knight, and wouldn’t you know it, eight more appeared. From there, the collection continued to grow.

"This is not the only Chanukah House in America…maybe just the best known one in America," said Yitz Fleischman, who took over the reigns of the Chanukah House three years ago.

For those of you who think it’s only Christmas lights going up in your neighborhood, you are sadly mistaken.

"I don’t really understand that," Yitz said. "Growing up - don’t get me wrong, we never did anything like this growing up – but we used to put decorations in the windows. So it is the festival of lights. But yes, most people don’t get carried away to this extreme."

It takes about four weeks for Yitz and his brother-in-law to put all put Chanukah house together. And some of their late nights turn into early mornings.

"Anyone can do this; it takes a lot of effort," he said. "We’re doing it as our way to serve the community. The fact that we get a few hundred people a night here says that the community likes it and enjoys it."

When you walk around Yitz’s front yard, it’s like you’ve just gotten spun into a true Chanukah wonderland. Even Frosty gets in the spirit.

But there is a slight downside to having one of the most recognizable houses in America. You get some late night visitors.

"People come at all hours; we’ve had people show up at midnight, 1:00 in the morning, people from out of town. If I’m still awake, which I normally am, I come out and talk to them. I want to know where they’re from that they’re coming at that hour."

For Yitz, the more visitors the merrier the season.

"Happy Chanukah…come see us at The Chanukah House here in Baltimore."

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