How to run a marathon a day across the U.S.A.

Chris Sams ran across America

HARBOR EAST - “If you want to run a 5k, I’m going to teach you how to,” said Chris Sams.

Let’s just say, he can teach you to run a lot more than a 5k. Chris ran across the country from Baltimore to San Diego to promote health and wellness. 

In August, Chris set off from Baltimore on his goal to travel the United States by foot. Benjamin Hall helped Chris kick off the run of his life August 20th.

“I originally thought I would set him off for the first five or six miles and I would turn around and go back. But when I got started I just didn’t want to stop. So I ran all the way to Annapolis with him,” said Ben.

Chris continued traveling southwest, wearing the same sneakers the entire trek.

“I ran 3,140 miles total on the same pair,” said Chris.

He ran to raise money for the following three charities:

"I wanted to show people you don’t have to go to a gym to be in shape; you can use your body weight,” Chris said.

As this road runner pounded the pavement through small towns, he found himself running out of healthy options on the road.

"Running through like Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, They had like one motel and two gas stations. No restaurants. Nothing around. So my only option was to eat at a gas station. How healthy can you really eat at a gas station?" said Chris.

Along his journey, he stayed with host families, but always stayed on his course, actually arriving in San Diego a week before he planned. Like most long trips, it wasn’t the physical, but the mental exhaustion that left him drained.

“Your body is going to follow what you tell it to do, so after two or three weeks of running basically a marathon a day, my body got through the soreness so it was really just more of a mental grind,” Chris said.

Now, back in Baltimore, Chris is teaching men and women on the importance of health and wellness.

“If you challenge yourself, and you accomplish your goals that’ll invite more happiness into your life,” he said.

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