Cirque Eloize: iD leaps into Lyric Opera House

BALTIMORE - If you’re looking for art with a little street flair and international appeal you’ll want to head to the Lyric Opera House this weekend to catch Cirque Eloize: iD.

“It’s a contemporary circus show mixed with urban dance,” said break dancer Nadia Lumley.

It’s a love story in the midst of a circus, mixed with urban dance. Think ‘Romeo and Juliet’ filled with cirque artists from across the globe.

“Two people fall in love from opposing groups,” said Nadia. “Throughout the show you see how the groups develop and how there’s animosity between the groups.”

They eventually come together, but not before having acrobatic dance-offs and competitions.

“You see 15 artists on stage all doing crazy different things,” said Nadia. “We have a bicycle. We have a Cyr wheel. We have a juggler. We’ve got trampowall and breaking. So people B-boy and b-girling.”

“You should come and see it. It’s going to be exciting. I’m excited!” Nadia added. 

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