Goldman's Kosher Bakery dishes up Purim hamentaschen

FALLSTAFF - Purim is coming up. That means it’s time for hamentaschen.

“We make lots of them. I mean lots,” said Goldman’s Kosher Bakery’s Leah Cohn.

Goldman’s is ready for the rush the sweet triangular treats that come in all sizes and after more than 50 years in business, creating them just comes naturally.

“We mix the dough. Then we sheet the dough. Then we cut them out. And then we fold them. And I could basically do that in my sleep,” Leah’s brother, Max Cohen said.

It’s not just the sugary dough – these perfect pastries have all kinds of flavors added inside.

“We have apple, cherry, lemon, blueberry, prune, poppy, walnut, cranberry, cheese, date, nut all different kinds,” said Leah. 

This year, Goldman’s added some Ravens magic to the mix.

“We were getting request for more and more purple, and then the idea came up of purple hamentaschen.”

“Well they’re hamentaschen but we renamed them this year as ‘Raven-taschen.’”

The bakers want to help you serve up the hamantaschen, minus the headache in the kitchen. 

“We just do it a lot better and faster and we sort of take the stress out of the holiday,” said Max.

Plus, Goldman’s has a special recipe that’s top secret.

“I won’t give it out. You’ll have to kill me first,” added Leah. 

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