NFL history at your fingertips

Keepr cards hold decades of NFL history

BALTIMORE - Classic football trading cards are getting a high-tech makeover.

The Keepr card is a retractable USB drive filled with photos, video and career stats of some of the NFL’s best players.

“It’s like going to the Hall of Fame and getting to see everything all over again,” said Keepr Spokesman Tom Matte.

Former Baltimore Colts running back Tom Matte is one of the former players behind Keepr, giving fans access to digital memories they wouldn't be able to see anywhere else.

“The collectable card is going to have all kind of information on the players of the National Football League and what we’ve done is go back in the archives of NFL Films, and be able to pull that out and be able to put it on a card with a USB port to be able to plug it into your computer,” said Tom.

The game plan is to connect football fans with some of the greatest players ever to take the field.

“We have 10 cards this first year: Mike Ditka, Franco Harris, Sonny Jurgensen, Howie Long, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, Deion Sanders, Phil Simms, Roger Staubach, and of course, Johnny Unitas,” said Tom.

The key is to see the game the way it was played when Unitas ruled the field.

“There’s about 45 minutes of information that we can put on the card, and it just digs back into the vaults 40, 50, 60 years ago and finds all this great information,” said Tom.

Each Keepr card goes for $60 and a portion of the proceeds will go to help the Player Care Foundation which aids aging athletes and their spouses.

“Especially the wives because we all leave the earth a little bit earlier because of the entire trauma we go through as players and the wives live on,” added Tom.

Keepr is expanding their 10 card playbook, bringing more of football's best into the digital realm. 

“Now what we’re going to do this year coming up, we’re going to do 32 players, one from each team that’s retired,” he added.

So watch the game closely on Sunday…you may be seeing one of the next stars to get a Keepr card.

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