Mayan Calendar Doomsday… or just another Friday?

TOWSON - Friday is 12-21-12 – also known as the last day of the Mayan calendar and life as we know it.

“Of all the silly things I’ve heard about in my life. This is just about the silliest. I have to say,” said Towson University History Department Chairman Ronn Pineo, PhD.

“There’s nothing in any of the books or writings that remain, or the cliffs that talk about something terrible happening on that date,” Dr. Pineo said. ‘“To the Mayans that would be completely meaningless. The numbers are expressed in the wrong way."

There are more than 1,500 books dedicated to the end of the world happening tomorrow, but Dr. Pineo says a lot of these are based on new age religions which were inspired by mind altering drugs.

“A lot of them felt very strongly that you needed to use psychedelic drugs, LSD, Peyote, LSD and an array of other things to give them visions about the way the world was going,” Dr. Pineo said.

Doomsday aside, the end of December may be hazardous for husbands hunting for that last minute Christmas gift.

“For me it will be the end of the world, if I don’t buy something really good for my wife,” he added with a smile.

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