Rebounders open gymnastics season with Black-Eyed Susan Invitational

TIMONIUM - The Rebounders Gymnastics team is warming up for the Black-Eyed Susan Invitational this weekend.

More than 450 girls from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are expected to compete at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium.

"People can expect to see vault, bars, beam and floor. All the events you see at the Olympics," said USAG Girls Team Parents Club President Judi Balon-Trammell. The List’s Nicki Mayo tried out the various apparatuses with Rebounders gymnasts.

Lauren Cahalin demonstrated warm-ups and stretches on the floor.

Jenna Martin showed Nicki how to do a tap swing and rotate on the bar.

Sydney Needle helped Nicki learn to do three movements across the four-inch beam.

Ava Greenfield demonstrated how to take over the trampoline.

"Gymnastics is all about character building, self-discipline, time management. The girls are in the gym anywhere from eight to 20 hours a week depending on their level," said Balon-Trammell.

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