Vangie Williams' ‘Broken Life Journal'

CHARLES COUNTY - This Black History Month, a Maryland author is turning up the heat on history.

“My characters are what love is supposed to be,” said author Vangie Williams.

Love, lust and romance rule the pages of Vangie WilliamsBroken Life Journals” series.

“It’s exciting. This book has opened up a whole other realm of my imagination. To know that in this head there is a story that is so passionate that it travels literally nine generations,” said Vangie.

The story starts back in Old Africa and follows a French African maiden named Marguerite’s journey across 1800s America.

“It flowed like I was actually Marguerite. Marguerite became me,” said the married Maryland, who is the mother of six children.  “Her character seemed like it wanted to jump out of my head on to paper, and she did."

The St. Charles author explores Maryland history and her personal experiences to bring this love story to life.

“Being married nearly 20 years now, love means trust, hope, and confidence. Knowing that you trust yourself and the person you’re with to be together,” said Vangie. 

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