60-year-old man to compete in summer Olympics in sport of table tennis

CINCINNATI - It's not something you'd expect from a 60-year-old, but Dave Fullen has qualified for the Olympics. Fullen will be heading to Cleveland for the 2013 Summer National Senior Games this year.

"I'll be competing for the gold medal in my age category," Fullen said.
Fullen says he was inspired to go pro after seeing the movie "Forrest Gump." He joined a table tennis club near his Columbus home.
"A guy offered to hit with me and I couldn't return any of his serves. I could barely keep the ball on the table. At that point I was 47-years-old and I thought if this sport is this difficult, I'm hooked," Fullen said during a practice at the College Hill Recreation Center in Cincinnati.
Fullen says it's a sport that requires skill, but your mind must be just as sharp.
"I want to fool my opponent with my serve. I want to make it as deceptive as possible. A lot of times with one kind of pendulum motion, I can get three different kinds of serves," Fullen explained.
Fullen says his competitor may then give the ball the wrong return.
"They may put it into the net or pop it up and I'll come in and hit it," said Fullen.
Fullen says he plans to continue playing table tennis well into his 80s. He's been encouraging others to try the sport as well. Fullen says it's great exercise for your body and your mind.
The Cincinnati Table Tennis Club is always looking for new members to join the fun.
Log onto www.cincytt.org for times and locations.
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