Author of 'Finding Anna' series releases new romance novel

CINCINNATI - An Ohio author is excited about her new book, Red Zone, which centers around the life of a female FBI agent and her duty to protect a professional football player.

“Who doesn’t like a hot football player and an extremely stubborn FBI agent who butt heads?” said author Sherri Hayes. 
A passionate football fan herself, Hayes researched NFL team operations to add authenticity to the storyline.
“You know they get Mondays off and the veterans are even given Tuesdays off and those details make it important to be more realistic,” she said.
Sherri infused the female lead with character traits many women can relate to.
“Rebecca has to decide. She has to choose to make herself vulnerable. And that’s very scary. I don’t care how strong of a woman you are. That is very scary because you have to put yourself out there to, to really find love,” explained Hayes.
The title Red Zone is a football term that describes the most critical time to reach the goal. It can also sum up the novel’s steamy romance.
“When it comes down to the wire, you have to put it all on the line," Hayes said.
The book is scheduled to be released February 7, 2013.
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