Blogs go crazy with Bengals fans commenting on team's playoff odds

CINCINNATI - From fan web pages to Facebook, just about everyone's tossing in their two cents on the Bengals chances of winning their playoff game Saturday against the Texans.

PHOTOS: Bengals fans weigh in

Mickey Mentzer is the owner of

He says his website is getting about 10,000 hits a day as the Bengals prepare to play the Texans in The Lone Star State.
Mentzer says fans have every reason to be optimistic about the team winning.
"This is the first time in the past seven seasons when the Bengals have made the playoffs. We've gone in on a really hot streak," Mentzer said.
Mentzer ran down his list of why he believes the Bengals should come out ahead, even though their playing the same team they lost to during last year's playoff battle.
Mentzer says the team is stronger this year.
The defense is better and the players are much healthier than they were last year.
"Winning seven of your last eight games in the NFL is incredible and to do that, especially when the last two are the Steelers and the Ravens for the Bengals, that's just like the monkey off the back and you're ready to just go in and change history now," Mentzer explained.
There are some naysayers.
Steven Brown commented on the Bengals Facebook page, "Go Texans. Ha. Ha. Ha."
However, a lot of fans have faith in the hometown team.
Derick Tabar wrote on the Bengals Twitter page, "I'm already way to pumped for the Bengals game tomorrow.  It needs to hurry up. We're getting that playoff win!"
There are a lot of bets being made around town on the Bengals playoff game. 
The Newport Aquarium is also getting in on the act. 
However, if the team loses, executive director Eric Rose could lose his shirt.
If the Bengals win the director of the Houston Zoo Rick Barongi will have to post pictures of himself wearing a Bengals jersey on their social media pages.
Rose says he has no plans to lose the bet, but if he does he's got some ideas on how to dispose of the Texans jersey.
"I could give it to the sharks or maybe we can send it as a second bet with Rick down at the Houston Zoo and they could put it in with the gorillas or something," Rose said with a laugh.
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