Boutique trendy funeral home offers alternative to traditional church service

A remodeled downtown store front takes its contemporary decor from a trendy retail store. The red and black lounge chairs, the modern art on the walls, and the exposed brick make you feel like you're sitting in an art gallery.

Throw in a television set and you might think you're inside a hotel lobby. Take a closer look around the room and you'll see this it's actually a funeral home.

It's part of a growing trend across the country called boutique funerals.

Eric Lusain of Cincinnati’s Main Street Memorial Center says it’s calming that the funeral offers family a different alternative to the traditional funeral music.

"Whatever music they like to kind of just cut the edge off of it to where people won't be scared to come in," Lusain said.

The owners of Grunn Funeral Home Main Street Memorial Center say they've found the boutique decor often eliminates the creepy feeling many people get when walking into a traditional funeral home.

"It's a non-traditional space that can become traditional if families want more of the funeral home look or we can do more of a chapel or more of a gallery-look for just socializing. The kids are over here watching a Spykids movie on Netflix while people are just having a reception," Robert Grunn said.

It sounds like this new business model is bringing new life to the funeral business.


If one of your new year’s resolutions is to get a better body with healthier meals, the cooking classes at the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State has your menu.

The school offers classes for anyone in the community who is looking to spice things up in their kitchen.

"You may get a demonstration from a chef. Sometimes they put you just right there with your ingredients. We do hands on cooking classes. We have chefs from restaurants throughout the community come in," said the cooking school's Lilly Burdsall.

You can sign-up for a basic cooking class or try preparing dishes from Spain, France, and Mexico.

Prices range from $59 for a single class up to $200 for multiple cooking classes.

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