Wedding traditions are out the window as brides plan their big day

CINCINNATI - Tying the knot? You better bring your "A" game to the party.

"There are no rules anymore. Everybody can do what they like which is wonderful because you can really put your own stamp on your own wedding," said Victoria Kotsovos, owner of Kotsovos Bridal, Furs, and Fine Apparel in Cincinnati.
Bride and grooms want to give their guests a wonderful experience from the moment they walk down the aisle. Kotsovos says more and more brides are bucking the trend when it comes to white dresses.
"We actually have brides that buy black dresses and red dresses for the formal gown," Kotsovos said.
The classic tuxedo isn't for every man. Mike Folchi of Folchi's Formal Wear says some grooms want a casual look.
"We refer to it as a our suit tux. We've got it in four colors. Tan being one of them. There's two grays and of course a black, but rather than having a satin lapel, the lapels are just edged with a real small bead of satin," Folchi said.
Looking to make a lasting impression?
Pop some color in your look with colorful earrings, sheer gloves with jewels, a veiled hat or funky fresh flowers.
"We are doing a centerpiece with lucky bamboo submerged under water so that's going to be quite interesting," said Jeff Green of Say I Do Weddings and Events.
You can check out some of the trends for yourself at the Cincinnati Wedding Showcase Saturday and Sunday at the Sharonville Convention Center.
Another fun event making our list is the Arts Mart program at the Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center in Covington.
The free classes are Saturday, January 12 and Sunday, January 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 620 Greenup Street.
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