Cincinnati couple celebrates 70 years of marriage

CINCINNATI - Willie James and Jewell Lee are still like two love birds, even after seven decades together. The couple stopped by a Cincinnati Graeter's store to share their story with fans of "The List."

As they shared a shake, Mrs. Lee, told her husband not to be greedy.
"He didn't tell you to drink it all at one time," Mrs. Lee said.
Mr. Lee just smiled as he continued to sip from the cup they shared. It's this kind of sense of humor that has kept the couple together.
When asked if there were any special memories over their 70 years together, Mrs. Lee replied, "Yeah, what he didn't do. You didn't get me this," she joked.
She went on to say with a sly smile. "He would bring candy, a box of candy, which he ate most of himself."
The couple said they get lots of questions from people who want to know how they have managed to stay together for 70 years. They say the secret is learning when to keep your mouth shut.
"If we have an argument or something like that she was able to be quiet." said Mr. Lee with a laugh.
Mrs. Lee, who's a cougar at the age of 88 to her husband's 87 years, says she'd just wait until the smoke cleared before saying what was really on her mind.
"When those times come when you think something is going to really get from little to big, well, you have to slow down. You have to start thinking this can't go on. You don't know what will happen if you keep it going. So, it's best for me to just go somewhere and sit down," said Mrs. Lee.
Mr. Lee reflected on the good times of their marriage from the birth of their four children to the time his anniversary helped him get out of a speeding ticket.
"He said you look like you're in a hurry. I said I was. I'm going home to my 50th anniversary. He looked at me and said, 'You been married 50 years to one woman?' I said, 'yeah.' He said good-bye. Go ahead you need a break," Mr. Lee said.
The Lee's have one final tip for staying together.
"We tell each other we have to. We have to stay married. We can and we will stay together," Mr. Lee said.
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