Cincinnati doctor closes office during lunch to encourage staff to exercise

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati rheumatologist Dr. Deborah Fritz is so committed to keeping healthy, she not only rides her bike for exercise during lunch, she closes her office down, so her employees will have time to eat lunch and exercise too.

"I think physically they feel better and emotionally they're a little happier in the afternoon than if they've worked through lunch," Dr. Fritz said from her Montgomery Office.
Receptionist Sharon Graham says she likes to walk during her lunch break.
"You're not as sluggish as you are in the morning. You get a little burst of energy that shows with dealing with the patients that comes in and just with the way your work day goes," Graham said.
Closing her office for 90 minutes everyday may cost Dr. Fritz income, but she says it's worth it to keep her employees happy and healthy.
"What I save mentally and emotionally and physically far outsets the financial impact that it has on the practice," Dr. Fritz said.
We interviewed another doctor to get his prescription to start moving in the new year. Dr. Asa Andrew says before you start to drop the pounds you need to "lose the excuses."
Dr. Asa, as he is better known, is the author of the best-selling lifestyle book "Empowering your Health."
"If you want to get well, and you want to do these things, but you're telling me all the reasons why you can't, the truth is, you don't really want it. Because if you want to get well, everything else goes away," Dr. Asa said.
Dr. Asa says start by getting out of the chair.
"We have learned that if you sit six hours a day or more, it will take years off your life. So if you want to add life to your years, get up and get moving. I don't care what it is -- 20-30 minutes a day, five days a week will radically change your life," Dr. Asa explained. 
What's on Dr. Asa's daily workout chart for easing into fitness? 
He suggests you take a 20 minute walk each day.
You can also do 15 pushups to build up your upper body strength.
To strengthen your core, try doing as many sit-ups as you can.
"Start small, go deep, think big and reach your goals," Dr. Asa said.
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