Cincinnati dog invited to Westminster Kennel Club dog show

CINCINNATI - The owners of Mr. Darcy say they knew right away he'd fit in as a show dog.

"Well, you know, Mr. Darcy is very stuckup," said Mr. Darcy's co-owner John Fabelo.
He was born with the distinct features of an up and coming dog of the right pedigree.
"When he was a puppy he always wanted to be by himself. He always had to tell everybody he was the boss and had this aloofness to him," Fabelo explained.
Fabelo's dachshund is only 3 years old and is already a celebrity on the dog show circuit.
"He finished as a young puppy before he was a year. Typically it's not uncommon to have a dog and get his championship AKC. When you get 15 points and two major wins they become a champion. He was a champion at nine months," said Fabelo of Cincinnati.
To show you Mr. Darcy lives up to his name from the movie, "Pride and Prejudice," his owner says he's going to drive to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show while Mr. Darcy will travel by air.
"He's going to be flying. He goes first class but I have to drive," said Fabelo with a laugh.
Showing dogs is a family affair.
Fabelo's son Daniel will be showing their English Setter Ziggy at the world renowned Westminster dog show this weekend.He says prepping for the show involves lots of grooming.
"We have a tack box where I put all my grooming supplies, hairspray, brushes. combs and different things like that. We have a box for that and we always make sure that's with us," Daniel Fabelo said.
Things to consider before you purchase a pet as a potential show dog.
  1. Get started by looking at the animal as a pet because they're going to be a part of your family.
  2. Select a breed that will fit your lifestyle based off of energy level and size.
  3. Search for a reputable dog breeder who is known for producing healthy purebred dogs.
"Each breed has different health challenges. With dachshunds, backs, making sure that they have strong backs. Making sure they can go up and down steps and live a normal life. You want to make sure the breeder is looking at those kind of challenges," Fabelo said.
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