Costume shop recreates Elvis Presley costumes

CINCINNATI - Behind the doors of B&K Enterprises Costume Company lies jump suit nirvana in Charlestown, Indiana outside Cincinnati.

PHOTOS: Some of the Elvis jumpsuits

"All of those jumpsuits have artwork that will blow your mind. These are basically pieces of artwork. They are like the Picasso's," said B&K Enterprises co-owner, Butch Polston.
Since 1980, Polston and his wife Kim have been recreating Elvis Presley's famous jump suits for Elvis tribute artists all over the world. 
Presley's personal stylists not only gave their blessing to B&K, his designers also gave them the original patterns used to cut the iconic costumes.
"We have maybe 25,000 yards of fabric that are different colors," Polston said.
Each jumpsuit is laid out and sewn by one of 11 employees. Specialty stones and cabochons by the thousands are hand sewn onto each garment. Embroidered masterpieces like the legendary Peacock pattern take about 140 man hours to create. 
Polston says some of the designs were used to disguise the King's expanding waistline.
"When Elvis started putting on weight, they started designing around that to take your eyes away from the structure of his body and put it more on the design of the garment,' Polston explained.
The shop also makes Elvis capes, belts, jewelry, shirts and other accessories.
If you're looking to be fit like a King, then B&K is the place to visit. For more information, visit their website at
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