Decorating your Christmas tree like the pros doesn't have to cost a lot of money

CINCINNATI - We’ve all been there.

You walk into a department store and you see those beautiful trees with dozens of expensive ornaments you can only dream of buying for your tree.


Professional decorators say you can have the tree of your dreams with some creativity.


"What I've done with this tree is go out in my own yard and trim some dogwood branches that have a lovely red bark and put them in for a little added texture. You can also just choose pine cones, you can run some ribbon, expensive ribbon vertically and tuck it in throughout the tree to give it a little pizzazz,” said Patti Johnson of Patti Johnson Interiors.


Johnson says you should begin by putting one ornament on at at time.


"I have these pics that are like a branch with flowers and berries. I start with that and I place those evenly throughout the tree. Then I take a second element and start to fill in the gaps with that and so on with each element that you have,” Johnson explained.


Johnson said there is somewhat of a science to decorating a tree.






There is another holiday story we’re following today on “The List.”


Over 20 choirs are set to perform at the Christmas Saengerfest in Over-the-Rhine.


"On December 14th and 15th our Christmas Saengerfest, we've got over 20 choirs that are going to come in and kind of building up off the World Choir Games vibe that we had this summer,” said Mitch Ruth of American Legacy Tours.


Organziers say the original Saengerfest Choral Festival was Cincinnati’s first major festival held in Over-the-Rhine.


Cincinnati German singing groups would gather and sing at the festival, which was held each year from 1849 to 1952.


This year’s festival marks the return of the once popular event.


"We've got them performing at the different venues and the different churches we visit in the neighborhood. That's something were wanting to talk about  too. We're really excited about that because we're hoping this will be the biggest annual choral celebration in Cincinnati,” Ruth said.


Tickets are $15 per day.


You can get ticket information at

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