Historians say holidays are great time to collect family history

CINCINNATI - As we gather with our families for the holidays, around the table reminiscing can evolve into the memories we pass from generation to generation.

Kristi Woodworth, a personal history historian and the co-owner of Beyond the Trees, says we should embrace these opportunities.

“Thanksgiving is a perfect time when all the family is gathered to take advantage of that time and get people to tell you the stories of their life,” Woodworth said. 

It’s easy to get the whole family involved in the discussion.

“Make a little game out of it,” Woodworth explains. “Go around the table and tell a story about your childhood. Something that happened in school or an embarrassing thing that happened.”

Tunes can also drive your trip down memory lane.

Some of Woodworth's best advice is to replay the soundtrack of your life.

“Maybe write a list of songs that you remember from various phases of your life and think about what was happening during that time period," Woodworth suggested.

Woodworth's business partner Jennifer Sauers specializes in hardbound books and iPad albums for preserving the past.

Sauers says the key is not to wait.

“Because we have Facebook pages and lots of digital pictures and twitter feeds, we think that it's out there and documented. But formats change or things may get scattered to the wind and if you want to put something together, for your grandkids or kids, you need to be a little more thoughtful or proactive about it,” Sauers said.

Want to know our list of memory makers to help you recall your past? Try photographs, vacation postcards, handwritten letters, newspaper articles and family recipes.

For more information on Beyond the Trees: http://www.beyondthetrees.net/

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