Jingle John shares secrets of Santa's elves

You know Dasher and Dancer and all the rest, but what do you really know about Santa's hoofed helpers? When Santa and his elves flew into Aurora, Indiana, Jingle John spilled the secrets about the real lives of reindeer.

"Santa won't use male reindeer because they won't stop to ask for directions," Jingle John said.

Jingle John brought six-month-old girl reindeer Clarise and Noel.

"You can't get big reindeer on the rooftop. You'd have to redo the building codes," Jingle John explained.

Jingle John says there's truth behind the Christmas lyrics, 'Up on the house top click-click-click.'

"Every time the reindeer step, there's a tendon that snaps over the bone. It's kind of like popping your knuckles which you're not supposed to do, but with reindeer they do it with every step they take. It makes a sound that reindeer can hear so they know where everyone else is in the herd. Because let's face it, the North Pole, in Christmas time, the sun doesn't come up, blinding snowstorm, they have to know where their friends are," Jingle John said.

These furry flyers are domesticated caribou.

"It was all the native people who live around the Arctic Circle who took caribou of the wild and made them smaller and now we call them reindeer and you put a sleigh on them and you hook up the reins. Hence the name reindeer," Jingle John said.

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