KY residents elect a dog as their mayor in the town of Rabbit Hash

Some of the most famous mayors in pop culture have a lot of character, literally. They include the slick Diamond Joe Quimby from The Simpsons, Family Guy's crackpot mayor, Adam West and the Biggest Cheese of all, McDonald's Mayor McCheese.

In Kentucky, a small town is home to another rather unique public servant, and she is quite the political animal.

Like any town gathering, the talk at Old Timer's Day in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky eventually turned to politics.

"There is a lot of sniffing going on in Rabbit Hash. I don't know who is sniffing who, but there's a lot of that, definitely," said Terrie Markesbery, a long time resident.

In the dog eat dog world of politics, voters have strong opinions about the town's mayor.

"If she like's what's going on, she's play along. If she doesn't she'll make sure everybody knows it," said resident David Rhodes Brown.

The mayor's chief of staff admits the mayor has an odd campaign slogan.

"Lucy is known as the b---- you can count on," said Bobbi Kayser of Rabbit Hash.

The slogan is not disrespectful. It the truth because Lucy Lou is a 4-year-old border collie. She's also the mayor of Rabbit Hash. Lucy Lou was elected-for-life in 2008 as part of a fundraiser for the three-acre town.

"We charge you for your vote. It's a dollar a vote. And you can vote as many times as you want. We encourage stuffing the ballot box. When I say that Lucy Lou bought the election fair and square, it's because she literally bought the election," said Kayser.

When the ballots were counted, the canine candidate had over a third of the $22,000 in votes, beating out a whole stable of candidates.

"We have cats, we have mules, there are horses, chickens, pigs. We have everything in elections down here, we don't care.," said Dave Smith of Rabbit Hash.

It appears they made the right choice. Lucy Lou is certainly popular with her constituents.

"I shook her paw. It means hello," said Brooklyn Smith.

Some people might say she's like some politicians in other ways, too.

"She's easily bribed," said Markesbery.

Kayser points out, "She naps on the job a lot."

Still, the towns folks wouldn't trade their mayoral mutt for official statesmen.

"Take a poor dog and make him rich and he won't bite you, which is more than you can say for human politicians," said Tom Bauer of Taylor Mill.

This appears to be one political animal who is everyone's best friend.

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