Teen starts business by selling candles made just for men

CINCINNATI - Fresh scented candles aren't just for women anymore. Why not give your beau the gift of sawdust, fresh cut grass, or dirt for Valentine's Day?

Hart Main, 15, says he'd had just about enough of smelling girlie scents around the house, when his sister came home from school selling more girlie candles.
"She was asking my mom if she would buy some. I butted in and said why would we want to buy any of those? We already have girlie scents around the house. Then I thought why not make man scented candles," Main said.
Main was 13-year-old at the time and that simple comment turned the Columbus, Ohio teen into an entrepreneur. It was then the idea for ManCans, candles made just for men, was born.
"When I was thinking of scents, I wanted scents that would bring back memories like our grandpa's pipe scent, which is a cherry tobacco," said Main.
The candles sell for $9.50 each. Publicity on www.Time.com and www.AOL.com quickly made scents like Cigar and Memphis Style BBQ popular sellers.
"We've got a fresh cut grass, which I like personally because it reminds me of being outside playing baseball. We have campfire, which smells like your sleeping bag after you've just gone camping," Main said.
Hart's father says their scents just make sense for the man in your life.
"My favorite scent is the new mitt. I really enjoy baseball, so it's kind of got that connection for me," said Craig Main.
The family says the New York Style Pizza and Bacon candles will make you hungry. The Campfire scent is another popular seller from their candle line. The Main's were operating the business out of their kitchen, but has since moved into a manufacturing facility and hired staff to help make candles and fill orders.
Log onto www.man-cans.com to see if any scents are right for your man's cave.
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