Park offers survival wilderness classes

CINCINNATI - Learning to survive in the wild may seem foolish, until you bravely wonder off the trail, get lost, and your cell phone battery dies.

Rick Wheeler teaches a survival skills training course at Hamilton County Parks University of the Great Outdoors.
"The golden number in survival is three. In the wrong environment you can possibly succumb in three hours due to exposure. Three minutes without air. Three days without water. Three weeks without food, and they say three months without hope," said Wheeler.
Wheeler says one of the first things you should figure out, especially if it's cold outside, is how to start a fire without a lighter.
He walked around and collected items growing in the wild.
"What we've taken is some cattail fluff, that's been dried out. We found a few cotton balls in our pack. We know cotton balls are real flammable," said Wheeler.
Wheeler continued to swipe two pieces of metal near the cotton ball to start a fire. He kept adding pieces of wood and blowing the flames until the flames were shooting two feet in the air.
You've started your fire and then you realize you don't have any food or drink. Survival instructors say everything you need is likely within reach.
"Even small things like most people have laces on their boots. That's a piece of string that you good use a million ways," said Jen Hilbert of University of the Great Outdoors.
The survival instructors say you could use the string to trap an animal in a snare.
You could use a plastic bottle to collect fresh water, and a mirror to signal for help.
The next Wilderness Skills class will cover water and shelter at Winton Woods.
It's Saturday, February 23 at 2 p.m. through Sunday, February 24 at 11 a.m. 
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There's a new exhibit coming to the Behringer-Crawford Museum to honor local and national music legends from Northern Kentucky.
"We are looking for artifacts, memorialbilia, items that can bring the story to life," said museum Curator of Exhibits and Collections Tiffany Hoppenjans.
Concert posters, tickets, and sheet music are just a few examples of items needed for the exhibit.
The exhibit will go on display June 2, 2013.
If you have something to contribute, contact the Behringer-Crawford Museum at (859) 491-4003 or email
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