Radio callers weigh-in on Beyonce's lip-syncing scandal at inauguration

CINCINNATI - It seems everyone's weighing in on Beyonce's performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" at President Obama's inauguration ceremony Monday.

The phone lines lit up with callers jumping in to give their opinion on Lincoln Ware's radio show on 1230 The Buzz.
"She knew it would be real cold so she wanted to do it beforehand so she would have it down right," said one caller.
Most callers said they didn't care if the singer lip-synced the song.
"The ear piece that she had in her ear. She took that out of her ear and it dropped down on her coat and she continued to sing. I don't really think she was lip-syncing," said another caller.
"Beyonce is Beyonce. She can sing it live. She can sing it on Memorex. I don't care," Ware told listeners.
School for Creative and Performing Arts senior Tyshawn Colquitt has sung the national anthem for school sporting events.
Colquitt says singing in the cold can be a challenge.
"There are moments where you don't really want to sing outside in the cold. It's not really good for your voice," Colquitt explained.
He admits there is a lot of pressure to sing the song live.
"I remember when I first did the national anthem I was very nervous, especially for a game. All of your peers are there and there's a lot of people watching," said Colquitt.
Colquitt says when it comes to singing the national anthem he wouldn't fake it, even if it's freezing outside. The graduating senior says he doesn't believe Beyonce lip-synced the song.
In this case, you'll have to be your own judge because Beyonce still isn't talking.
The singer has yet to release a comment regarding the controversy.
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