Roller derby girls have lots of fans

It's a full contact sport where you get pushed and shoved around, so why are so many women signing-up to become Roller Derby girls?

Members of Cincinnati Rollergirls say it's just pure fun. The players say there is a list of requirements to join the team.

First, you'll need a lot of nerve.

"The times that you get hit into the crowd sitting at the side of the track those are always memorable moments," said team member Lauren Bishop.

Second, there’s a whole lot of aggression.

"It's fun to get out and hit people," Christina Kuhnhein said.

And third, you need to want to have a good time.

Cara halter said, "It's fun. It really is. Everybody kind of thinks you're crazy."

The sport can be intimidating because skaters have to work on keeping their balance while trying to push past players from the opposite team.

"You constantly need to be moving your feet up and down. Juking right, juking left, trying to jump quickly. You're always using your shoulders and your hips to try to make yourself whole. Whether you're hitting people with shoulders or swinging hips," Halter said.

The Cincinnati Rollergirls are now up to 50 members, each with colorful names like Cincy Psycho, Big Ugly and Ruthless Chris.

With derby teams all over the country, you're sure to find one in a city near you.


TRX Suspension Training for a great workout

Another great cardio workout to help shed those holiday pounds is TRX Suspension Training.

The secret to this workout is the three foot strap that is tied to the ceiling or you can hang it over a door frame.

You do various exercises with your legs or arms suspended in the air, using your body weight for resistance.

The owner of It's Working Out studio on Columbia Parkway in Cincinnati says clients use their own body weight to adjust the difficulty of the workout.

"Somebody who's a little weaker could stand here and do a row right beside somebody else who might be a little bit stronger or someone else more so. As you can see you're just leveraging your body weight. If something gets too difficult, you scoot back," said Kristen McAuliffe, owner of It's Working Out.

Jeff Goodman believes the classes can be just as tough as lifting heavy weights.

"I've got 200 pounds to work with. You go throw 200 pounds around for an hour in a heavy duty workout, working all parts of your body. There's no guys that's going to step-up and tell you they workout with 200 pounds for a solid hour," Goodman said.

You can try a week worth of classes at It's Working Out for just $20. To find out more about TRX Suspension Training at Working Out, go to

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