Some of the most ludicrous laws in Ohio

There are some ludicrous laws on the books in every state and city, but Cincinnati have some really strange ones.

Town leaders in Oxford passed what sounds like some pretty ludicrous laws back in the day. Did you know it was once illegal to drive around the college town square more than 100 times in a row.

Cincinnati attorney Mark Krumbein has a theory on how this law came to pass.

"They probably didn’t want the kids or young people going around and around making trouble," Krumbein said.

There are other laws that reportedly made it into the law books such as it's illegal to get a fish drunk.

George Hensley from Jack's Pets says he believes it's possible to get a fish drunk.

Another law that may have you scratching your head is that it was apparently once illegal for a woman to undress in front of a man’s picture.


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