Teacher serves as surrogate for another teacher at her school

In this season of giving, fifth grade teacher Tina Stegman doesn't just talk the talk. She walks the walk. The walk of a nine-month-month pregnant surrogate.

Tina is carrying a beautiful baby girl for her friend and John P. Parker elementary colleague, Amy Roberts.

"I've thought about it all my life. If one of my sisters or a close friend needed help, then maybe I would do it," said John P. Parker teacher and surrogate Tina Stegman.

Litter did she know she would become a surrogate - not to a family member, but to a co-worker and friend. 

"I told her my story about my cervical cancer and I couldn't have kids and she said 'I told you I would do it for you. Let's get the show on the road!' Roberts said.

Two years of navigating the surrogacy process that has brought them to this point. From embryonic cells, to cell phones, the women have been able to share the emotional pregnancy.

"I text her a lot. Your baby is moving a lot. Or your baby is going to be hyper," said Stegman.

"It's been fun to see her get bigger, but it's been hard because.. It's not like I'm missing something, but it's hard to watch because she does get uncomfortable sometimes," Roberts said.

The students understand that Mrs. Stegman is helping Mrs. Roberts start a family.

"The way I explained it, you're making brownies. You get all the ingredients, you put it all in there and it all belongs to you. But then you go to put it in the oven and your oven is broken. So you just need to run next door. You put your brownies in the oven and their still your brownies, right? It was still your eggs, still your ingredients, your flour milk everything," Stegman explained.

The kids are excited about the new addition to their school family.

"They're really into. They are. Somebody brought me little pajamas today that say 'Lady Goo Goo,' Roberts said.

In this time of celebration family and life, there is no greater gift one woman can give another.

"It's amazing. There's not really a way to repay her," Roberts said.

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