'Where to Wee' app helps you find bathrooms that are close and clean

CINCINNATI - Every parent has been there. You're in the middle of a fun activity or on the open road and little Johnny yells from the backseat, "I have to go to the bathroom."

An app developer has come up with the solution called "Where to Wee" App. The iPhone or iPod Touch application was rolled out this week by Cintas.

"When you need to go, you need to know. So you can pull up "Where to Wee" and find a restroom and not only find one, but get to a clean restroom," said David Mesko, Cintas Senior Director of Marketing.

The free app determines where you are and where you can go with its map of tiny toilets.

"Those are called commodicons, so commode icons and it's just an easy way to look at things," Mesko explained.

"Where to Wee" has more than a million public loos to peruse, many graded from top to bottom.

"There will be green for a clean restroom, yellow for a not so clean restroom and red for a not very clean restroom at all. And then gray if it hasn't been rated at all yet," Mesko said.

The public scores the stalls, so you can praise it or poo-poo it.

What makes the list for a lovely lavatory?

"Overall cleanliness. It's odor. Whether or not it's got soap or paper and whether or not um, um, um the toilets and urinals are clean." Mesko said.

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