Break out the Thin Mints and heat up the oven with desserts made from Girl Scout cookies

CLEVELAND - Orders for Girl Scout cookies in Northeast Ohio are coming in fast and furious.

“Number one is definitely the Thin Mint.  About 25 percent of sales are thin mints,” said Emily Fletcher-Fein, Director of Programs for Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio.

In the Cleveland region alone, nearly 3 million boxes of cookies will be sold. Many are eaten as is, but some are transformed into different desserts.

Krystle Lung, Sous Chef Embassy Suites, likes to think outside the cookie box.

“Initially I was going to go with a donut,” said Chef Lung.  

But Chef Lung ended up going with a cream puff.

"I used the Girl Scout Dolche Leche cookie and I incorporated that into the cream puff batter,” said Chef Lung.  

The Samoa cookie is another Girl Scout cookie favorite, in the Bavarian cream filling. Chef Lung says her secret to top off the tasty treat off is chocolate ganache with rum added to it, caramel, and more toasted coconut to make it represent the appearance of the Samoa cookie.

Cookie deliveries will begin next month, and “Cookie Booths” opening up in March. 

RECIPE: You can find Chef Lung's cream puff, recipe on Mike Brookbank's  Facebook page. 



Craft beer scene going to the dogs   

Cleveland’s growing craft beer scene is going to the dogs, just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Mary Zitiello, Owner Oliver & Henry’s Dog Shop in Westlake says the dogs absolutely love it.

She's talking about “Bowser Beer.” 

“You get it in two flavors: chicken and beef,” said Zitiello.  

Just pour it over the dog’s food and it makes gravy. But don't worry about Fido getting tipsy. Zitiello says it's actually really good for them.  It’s got the barley which is loaded with Vitamin B, which is excellent for the dogs.  Of course it doesn’t have alcohol.

Of course, you can’t drink beer without snacks. Oliver & Henry's has everything from pretzel bites to Browns Bones. So, while planning your Super Bowl party this year, don’t forget your dog. 


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