Cars are the stars at 2013 Cleveland auto show

CLEVELAND - Whether you’re looking to buy or just browse, the epicenter of the car universe can be found at the I-X Center this week.

The cars are the stars at the Cleveland Auto Show and they’re shining brightly, but keeping them that way takes constant work.

PHOTOS: Cars at the Cleveland auto show

“Almost a no-win situation,” said Brian Shelton.

Detailers like Shelton are close-by with cleaner in hand.

“It’s easy to wipe fingerprints off paint, it kind of smudges on glass, so you have to walk around with window cleaner,” said Shelton.

Not all of the cars need constant cleaning, like a 1968 Hot Wheels inspired Chevy Camaro, soaking up the spotlight on a platform.

“Hot Wheels number one was a spectra-flame blue Camaro,” said Heather Heughens.

Heughens is a product specialist for Chevy.  She knows a thing or two about cars.

“I took four years of auto lab in high school and I can do my own basic vehicle maintenance,” said Heughens.

Over the years, Heughens has witnessed the evolution from auto show car model to something much more.

“I don’t consider it a modeling job in any way, shape or form, it’s much more of a marketing position really, where we are out there spreading the word about these products to people,” said Heughens.

Being told what a car does is one thing, but being able to experience it is another.

“It’s not quite as mild as you might think,” said Steve Lorten, Camp Jeep track manager.

Camp Jeep gets you inside a 4-wheel drive vehicle as it is being put to the test.

“Hang on, you’re belted in for a reason, we’ll get you back to ground zero here pretty quick,” said Lorten.

With kids in tow, moms are well represented at the auto show.

“We’re looking to buy a new car,” said a mom from Willoughby.

But what makes one vehicle more “mom-approved” than another?

“Trunk space, enough room for everything, strollers the car seats, a DVD player,” she said.

Regardless of what’s on your must-have list, check out the more than 1,000 cars at the Cleveland Auto Show, and don’t be afraid to touch.

“That’s what they’re here for, put your hands all over them, enjoy yourself,” said Shelton.

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