Gray House of Pies serves up apple pie with a twist

CLEVELAND - January 23 is National Pie Day, and Joe Schlott, owner of Gray House Pies in Westlake, knows how to temp our sweet tooth.

“Our business is about creating the best pies on the planet,” said Schlott.

PHOTOS: Making the Apple Jack pie

Schlott is doing his best to promote the power of the pie, especially the ones he makes. With all natural ingredients and no preservatives, Gray House Pies sound like the ones Grandma make. But the big question is, do they taste as good? 

Schlott thinks so. “In fact, a lot of people will tell us it’s better than grandma’s," he said.

Inside the kitchen, the owner whips up Gray’s latest offering the Apple Jack pie which is an apple pie with Jack Daniels and honey.

Schlott says the pie is simple to make. Fill a pie crust with fresh peeled apples which he gets locally from Lorain County 10 months a year. Then, top the apples with Jack Daniels Honey and some real honey.

“A good healthy shot will work. Let’s put a little more.  Now we’re talking,” Schlott said. 

Then, after he adds the honey, there's one more step. “All of our pies have a crumb topping that we make.  It’s basically butter, flour and sugar,” he explained.

Hundreds of Apple Jack pies go out the door every day.


Five weird ways to avoid getting sick

The flu is everywhere this season. But forget the hand sanitizer and the hot tea, here’s our favorite list of ways to avoid getting sick, from ivillage.

  1. Keep your feet warm. – Researchers think cold feet may cause blood vessels in your sinuses to tighten up.
  2. After you wash your hands, don’t dry them with a towel… use paper towels.
  3. Cut your fingernails. You’re more likely to have bacteria under them if they grow longer than three millimeters past the tips of your fingers.
  4. Take a few deep breaths each day. If you make it a habit, you’re less likely to get pneumonia.
  5. Don’t get drunk. It can mess with your white blood cells’ ability to fight infections for up to 24 hours afterward.



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