Election 2012 party tips to celebrate the end of the election with fun and style

CLEVELAND - The country is getting ready to sit down and watch the outcome after months of debates and campaigning. So, why not celebrate?

Heidi Baumgart, Owner of “heidZILLAS party and event planning, says you don't have to spend a lot, to have a great party.
"Red, white and blue. You can utilize the Fourth of July decorations you have. You can utilize New Years Eve party decorations you already have. Make watching the election fun since watching all the ads haven’t been fun," said Baumgart.

But, Baumgart adds that you should plan for a long night, which means several courses. She also says this is one party where not everyone will agree.

"When the party is on, your vote is cast, you’re not going to change anybody’s vote, so just enjoy watching the coverage," Baumgart said. 

And believe it or not, there are lots of ways to have fun on election night. Baumgart suggestions for fun food ideas include food having some wings, right wing, left wing, elephant ears or donkey bites. You can even have votes about your food. Do you like sweet or salty? Do you like spicy or mild?

While election night may not seem like your normal party atmosphere, Tami Eggleston, Co-owner of Party Loft Chardon, says people are ready to celebrate.

"People feel really passionately about the election this year. People want bold, they want loud. It's not just about some little red white and blue napkins. They want the whole place decked out," Eggleston said.

But, politics can be a touchy subject, so here's one last piece of advice from Baumgart,

"You can’t talk about politics if you’re drinking, so I would probably stick to coffee and juices."

And if you find yourself stuck in a voting line tomorrow, The List has you covered. Here are some of our favorite fun and free apps to help pass the time.

-- Election Game 2012: Don’t like any of the candidates? See if you have what it takes to run for president.

-- Political Fury: Talk politics and current events.

-- Stache-ify : Celebrate Movember by putting a stache on your favorite candidate.

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