Cleveland bartender shares his classic eggnog recipe

CLEVELAND - “It harkens back to another time, a simpler time,” said Paulius Nasvytis, owner of the Velvet Tango Room in Ohio City. 

Nasvytis is talking about a popular drink this time of year: Eggnog. 

But he says, what’s served at his restaurant is not what people are used to. 

“Their only experience with eggnog is what they can get in the supermarket.”

The recipe Nasvytis uses is simple: A dozen eggs, sugar, salt, brandy, rum and vanilla. Then you mix in whipping cream and milk.

 “You can use half and half if you like, but there’s a consistency to whipping cream that gives it a density that is very pleasurable on your pallet,” said Nasvytis.

After Thanksgiving, the Velvet Tango Room serves 250 glasses of eggnog on average, each weekend.

The owner says, for most, it's love at first taste. 

“I call it a cocktail epiphany when they tell me it doesn’t taste like anything they've ever had before. That’s when you know you hit the homerun,” said Nasvytis.  

You can try the Velvet Tango Room eggnog for free this week. A complimentary glass will be served now until Christmas.

For the complete eggnog recipe, check out Mike Brookbank's Facebook page.



Did you know slouching can make you sad?

“Posture can definitely affect your emotions," said Mary Morrison, PT, DScPT, MHS with the Cleveland Clinic.

A study from San Francisco State University finds bad posture can actually increase feelings of depression.

But the good news is, Morrison says you’re in the good zone when you even decide it is something worth addressing. 

As a lot of people are stuck at a desk all day, Morrison's advice is to set up environmental cues. For example: every time you get an e-mail, check to see how you’re sitting. And, you may want to keep an eye on the clock. 

“Probably at least hourly and do a little mini-alignment," said Morrison. “Your ears are in-line with your shoulders.  And you can’t really tell that unless you take a side view.” 

The Physical therapist suggests looking in a mirror, or taking a picture with your camera.

Morrison says it's just those few simple steps a day, that can keep you tall and upright down the road. 

“When you think of someone at the grocery cart all hunched over and we say how did that person get there?  Millimeter by millimeter, day after day, year after year.”  









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