Cleveland becomes cycling destination

CLEVELAND - The cycling scene in Cleveland is stronger than ever. For proof, you don't need to look any further than the city's Slavic Village.It's where you'll find one intimidating race track.


“I was like 'I’m not doing it – that’s so steep, I’m not doing it,'” said Anneke Frankemolle.

That’s how Frankemolle reacted when she saw the Cleveland Velodrome for the first time. She is a member of the Case Western Reserve University’s Cycling Team. The team was practicing on the track the day we stopped by.

“Really grateful to have this here” said Garrett Sprague.

The club added track cycling last year, when they learned about the new biking facility.

“This is a really huge opportunity for a lot of the cyclists around here,” said Sprague.

One of many opportunities to craft your two-wheel skills.

“Cleveland has got a lot going on in terms of cycling,” said Gary Burkholder.

Burkholder, and some biking buddies, came up with the idea while sitting at a bar.

“We thought 'Hey, Cleveland weather is awesome in the winter wouldn’t it be nice to have an indoor velodrome?'”  

Their dream became reality – opening the track last summer. 

“This is phase one of three,” added Burkholder.

Fundraising for phase two, to enclose the track, is already underway.

“When we built this we could not wait to get on the track,” said Burkholder.

Here’s the secret to staying up right on those steep turns.

”If you can maintain a 17 mph speed for maybe a few minutes at a time you are definitely capable of riding the track,” said Burkholder.

The group behind the Velodrome offers a Track 101 course which gets cyclists comfortable before they ride. And even for seasoned riders like Anneke, that lesson made all the difference.  She’s now singing a different tune.

"I’m just loving it so much. It’s awesome,” said Frankemolle.  “You have to try it for yourself, it’s so awesome.”

For info on how you can ride the Velodrome, check out Mike Brookbank's Facebook page.



From biking to burgers. Cleveland’s popular summer lunch stop returns this week.

“Walnut Wednesdays” is back for another season.

All of your favorite food trucks will be in one location downtown from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Check it out at Walnut and East 12th Streets Wednesdays through September.

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