Cleveland is the best place to be when the world ends

CLEVELAND - Since the beginning of mankind there have been countless doomsday predictions. In fact, Jose Sola, Associate Professor of History at Cleveland State University says it's part of humanity.

The latest prediction centers around the Mayan calendar. But Sola says he isn't buying it.

“A lot of people would say not to believe the Mayans,” said Sola.  

The prediction states we are in store for a major transition tomorrow, December 21, 2012.

But Sola says, it may not be a bad thing.

“The transition according to the records is either something really nice and humanity will be transformed into something wonderful, but also the words the Mayans used point to an Armageddon, end of the world,” Sola said.

The History professor says students have been bombarding him with questions. He believes social media, and movies like “2012,” play into the prediction hype. 

“I don’t think it’s going to happen,” he said. “It’s been quite amusing I think in my opinion.” 

While we naturally focus on the worst when it comes to the Mayan prediction, Sola says we should remember the other part to it. It could be something wonderful.

"We might all wake up and I’m going to have more hair on my head and sort of be taller, but we might be all dead and we won’t have to pay our bills.  So who knows?” Sola said.

The Mayans, and many other societies, have predicted the end of the world for centuries, and Sola says that won’t end tomorrow. It’s a part of humanity and doomsday predictions will continue to go on.  

But... if by some chance Sola is wrong.

"Cleveland will still be here on December 21," said Mark Johnson, Chief Meteorologist at NewsChannel 5 in Cleveland. 

The Nature Conservatory agrees. They listed Cleveland as the best place to be if, and when, the world ends tomorrow.

Johnson says it all has to do with weather patterns.

"We are in a grand spot to survive any type of calamity Mother Nature wants to throw at us. We don’t get a lot of tornadoes. We have no hurricanes. Earthquakes? Ehh... Maybe a 1.2 on the rector scale. Cleveland is a safe place to live when it comes to natural disasters," Johnson said.

As for everyone else?

"The rest of the world may be gone, but remember, we’ll have plenty of perogies and plenty of bratwurst, because that’s what we’re noted for," Johnson said.


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