Dasher and Dancer getting ready for a big night


Santa isn't the only on preparing for the big night. The List gets a special look at how Rudolph, Blitzen and the others are getting ready for Christmas Eve, too. 

At the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo the food is flowing.

“This is the stuff Buddy the Elf would like. It’s covered in molasses." That's according to those who care for the reindeer at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The staff there is making sure Santa’s reindeers are ready to go come Christmas Eve.

They say they try to bulk them up a little bit and carbo-load them the night before so they’re nice and full and have plenty of fuel to run on. And with 75.5 million miles to travel, they’re going to need all the fuel they can get.

“Right now they’re just taking it easy. We try not to work them too hard til we get close to Christmas,” said the zoo staff.  

If you stop by the zoo between now and Christmas, those at the zoo say, don’t worry if you only see five reindeer. "Santa takes a couple at a time and gives them some massages and some pamper treatment right before Christmas Eve, so we rotate them out.”  

And be sure to remember these furry friends who helps to make sure Santa gets presents to children across the world, on the big night.

On Christmas Eve, millions of kids will leave out milk and cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. But, his elves tell us they’re not big fans of the carrots. They actually love apples!



The tackiest lightshow in town

The holidays are a great time to be festive, but some neighbors take it too far!

If your neighbor’s light show is a little “too” much.. check out TackyLightTour.com. You can check out the tackiest homes in your area. Or even add a house.

But topping our list of the *best* homemade light shows, is a home in Massillon, Ohio. The house has their lights programed to nine different songs. The Tyler Christmas Light Show will run until New Years Eve, with three or four shows a night.


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