Did a Cleveland bakery predict the 2012 election?

CLEVELAND - Mitt Romney’s campaign to become president may have crumbled, but his cookies are far from stale at Kiedrowski’s Bakery.

In the weeks leading up to the election, the Amherst bakery put President Obama up against Romney – in vanilla shortbread cookie form.

“Romney and Ryan definitely won in cookie sales, said bakery owner Tim Kiedrowski.  "They won by about 150 cookies.”

On average, customers bought about 700 of these cookies a day, but not everyone ate them.

“This little, little old lady bought a cookie and said 'I’m just going to take this out and show my friends,' so she showed them the cookie and she put it down and stamped on it,” said Kiedrowski.

Others bought them for dog food.

Romney’s cookies will soon be a distant memory, but President Obama cookies will make another appearance after the first of the year.

"They won’t start selling until mid-January again when the hype of the inauguration comes back around,” said Kiedrowski.


From cookies to canines.

With the holidays here there is plenty of stress – especially for dog owners hosting family and friends.

“Have your guests not make a lot of eye contact with them right away because that’s going to encourage that excitement,” said Paul Pollock.

Pollock owns “Sit Means Sit” dog training in Copley.

He says there are things you can do now to have a problem-free pooch during the holidays.

“What you want to do is contain the dog’s energy so re-direct it because all of their focus is going to be on that new stuff, whether it’s the guests coming in and the excitement, the food, if it’s Christmas the presents,” said Pollock.

If your dog makes “home for the holidays” more hectic – don’t immediately blame them.

When it comes to dog training – turns out it’s not the canine in need of a behavior change.

Paul says 80 percent of what they do is training the owner.

“Some people are aware of it, just don’t know how to correct it,” said Pollock.  “Other people are kind of in denial and once we kind of talk to them about it and walk them through stuff – there’s kind of that light bulb go off, they’re like oh, I’ve been doing this wrong for two years.”


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