Forget roses. Aphrodisiacs are the way to your special someone's heart

CLEVELAND - It’s a day to remember the “dos and don’ts,”and Glamour Magazine offers up its list of ways women can make Valentine’s Day more memorable.

Topping the list of “dos,” do buy sexy lingerie.


As for the number one “don’t,” don’t expect your man to heart the day as much as you. Well, unless he plans a meal that satisfies your taste-buds and sets both your hearts atwitter.

Aphrodisiacs in your meal can add a new dimension to Valentine’s Day dinner.  

"It flips the light switch for romance inside of your body,” said Jonathon Sawyer, Greenhouse Tavern Owner.

On February 14, romance is the name of the game, and that’s where aphrodisiacs come in.

“Aphrodisiacs are vegetables that heighten the senses,” said Sawyer.

And you’ll find them on the menu at Chef Jonathon Sawyer’s restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio on Valentine’s Day. 

“We’re talking about oysters and honey and almonds and asparagus, garlic and champagne,” said Sawyer.

Champagne, caviar, oysters and chocolate top Sawyer’s list of most effective ingredients to spark intimacy.

“I just think those are absolute necessities both because of their aphrodisiac properties and because of the luxury involved in it,” said Sawyer.

So, do men and women respond to these aphrodisiacs differently?

“I think it’s equal in terms of actual effect,” said Sawyer.  “I think men are more interested in aphrodisiacs.”  

Sometimes the aphrodisiacs work a little too well, kicking in before couples even get their check. 

“You sort of don’t want to look, but you look under the table and you’re like, I think we’re going to stop serving this couple drinks,” said Sawyer.

Keep in mind aphrodisiacs are a key component to your evening, but Valentine’s Day dinner should stimulate all your senses.

“The right music, the right light, the right ingredients, the right person and then you go from there,” said Sawyer.

And nine months later there could lead you here.

“A lot of babies being born in the clinic in November due to our restaurant,” said Sawyer.

Do you use aphrodisIacs to help create a memorable moment?

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