Getting organized for the new year

CLEVELAND - It’s the New Year, and many have resolutions to get better organized.  Tthe ladies from “Organizing 4 U” say one of the best ways to get started is with a bedroom closet.

“What we’ve done first is clear off a couple surfaces, like the top shelf there and your floor,” JoEllen Salkin, Co-Owner of “Organizing 4 U.”

After making space, they cleared out summer clothes to make room for winter wear. Salkin then started to put the clothes back.

“So many of these items that are now sorted into the baskets are going to end-up on hangers back in your closet,” she said. 

But there is difference in how the clothes will be hanged.Co-Owner Muffy Kaesberg uses hangers that are thinner and have a special feature which helps create space.

“They have hooks so that you can stack the hangers and hang three or four things in the space you would normally hang just one item,” Kaesberg said.

If you have tangled ties, there is solution for that as well. There is a special hanger which allows you to hang them individually.

Topping our list of best closet organizing tips is this one: Put your clothes on backward hangers at the start of a new season. 

"When you wear the shirt, take it out, wear it and you put it back the correct hanging way. Then at the end of the season everything that is still backwards hanging on your rack, you never wore," Kaesberg said.



Cheap zoo fares this winter

Throw on another layer of clothing and head on out to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.You can get your animal fix in the freezing temps on the cheap.

Now through the end of the month, if the predicted high is 32-degrees or lower, admission to the zoo is half-price, as part of Polar Bear Days.

“Polar bears, reindeer, they really like the colder temperatures. They’re much more active in the winter months, so you get a different zoo experience when you come in January and February,” said Tom Robatin, Marketing at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. 

But don’t worry if you can’t handle the cold, heated shuttles transport guests and there are several warm escapes.

“There are a lot of indoor exhibits, such as wolf wilderness.  You can go inside and see the wolves when they are most active.  Or you can go in the rainforest where it’s always 80-degrees,” said Robatin.  



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