Wine & Canvas helps aspiring artists create and have a little fun

CLEVELAND - On this night at the Melting Pot in Fairview Park, there’s a different kind of dipping going on.

“We go to different venues throughout.. in Cleveland & Akron, ” said Wine & Canvas Co-Owner, Liz Coram.

Wine & Canvas has locations across the United States, and inside this fondue restaurant, brushes are being dipped in paint. 

Alison Breckel from Lakewood, says it's a different way to spend the night with friends. “Going out to a bar or restaurant, you can do that any night of the week." 

That’s why more people are turning to Wine & Canvas to spice up their night life.

And this isn't Breckel's first time.

“The first time I did it, I made sure I was sitting up against the wall cause I didn’t want anyone to see my painting,” she said.

During the three hour class, artist Claire Kereky takes you step-by-step through the painting process.

“It’s a little bit less preachy and a little bit more fun I think,” said Kereky. 

That fun comes in the form of good music and wine.

It may come as no surprise, but Kereky says the more alcohol-based paintings turn out pretty well because people kind of let themselves go a little bit. With the wine flowing, the class is a time for fun and creating masterpieces.


Santa getting wishlists from kids via high-tech devices

Sitting on St. Nick’s lap used to be one of the few ways to get Santa your Christmas wish list... but not anymore. Children are letting him know electronically what they want. 

Some of them are using the new “All I want From Santa 3.0” smartphone app. It lets kids create, update and send their wish lists and letters to Santa.

So, we asked Santa if he has a smartphone? But Santa said, “No I don’t. Not yet, but I am sure I’ll get one.” 

Don’t worry kids. Santa is still getting your lists and letters through smartphone apps. Santa says it's just the tech-savvy elves getting them to the man in the big red suit.





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