Making the holiday season 'glow' & celebrate Cupcake Day in a colossal way

CLEVELAND - Looking to get a little more “glow” out of the holiday season? There's one place in Northeast Ohio, sure to make spirits bright.

The Cleveland Botanical Garden is bursting with holiday cheer.

“People have said it is the best place in the city to see decorations,”  said Jennifer McDowell, Director Of Guest and Member Services.

She's talking about the “Glow Wintershow.” It's in full swing with more than 30 decorated trees and 100 gingerbread houses. 

“It’s just filled with the gingerbread aroma as well.  You can probably gain 15-pounds by walking down the hallway it smells so good,” said McDowell. 

More than 100,000 twinkling white lights help illuminate the 3,000 holiday plants on display.

And new this year, The Garden Express train takes kids of all ages on a fun ride.

“It goes out to our children’s garden which we have renamed the peppermint garden, so they learn a little bit about mint along the way," said McDowell.

That's not all. The Treetop Shop lets kids buy a present for mom and dad, before sliding down into their arms. And be sure to stop at the wishing tree, and share your holiday wish for all to see. McDowell says it's a great place to remember what the season is all about. 

“Maybe they want a puppy for Christmas or they want to be with their family from out of town – really touching wishes.”  

Glow at the Cleveland Botanical Garden runs through December 31st.


Cupcakes in Cleveland

Americans celebrated National Cupcake Day Saturday… and it got us thinking about cool places in Cleveland to grab the tasty treat.

"Everyone can enjoy a cupcake any day or year, but you have to come have a cupcake on national cupcake day," said Kelly Kandah, owner of Colossal Cupcakes. 

December 15 is National Cupcake Day, and what a better way to celebrate then by trying new flavors at Colossal Cupcakes in downtown Cleveland.

Cupcakes may seem trendy, but Kandah thinks the fad is here to stay.

"There are so many new trends coming out, people love bacon so we have a bacon cupcake. There’s always new stuff for people to try."

And she says, if you come into her shop, you can be sure to find what you want. They are constantly replenishing them so that people can make sure that even if they come in at 7 p.m., their favorite flavor is still available.

But despite all the trendy flavors, Kandah says classic always wins.

"Our best seller is Red Velvet. We sell about three times more Red Velvet than anything else," Kandah said.

One really cool way to Celebrate Cupcake day at Colossal Cupcakes, they take your favorite flavor and turn it into a shake. You literally just throw the cupcake into the blender.

But Kandah says it's not easy watching a beautiful cake, get destroyed.

"It definitely was painful to see something that we frosted five seconds before get shoved into a blender."

And if you’re looking for the perfect food to take to your next party, Colossal Cupcakes has extended hours for the holidays.


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