Indoor Mountain bike park lets cyclists bike all winter long

CLEVELAND - It was used during war-time to make parachutes, but now an old Cleveland factory is all about speed.  It's now an indoor cycling place where cyclists can pedal all winter long.

Back in 2004, Keith Miller says Ray’s MTB was an indoor mountain bike park that was a secret among a select few. 

"It's basically a bicycle paradise. It was the very first one in world, so people didn’t know what to think of it,” Miller said. 

But by 2006, word of mouth spread.  They started with around 10,000 people showing up at Ray's MTB and now they say about 20,000 cyclists enjoy the space per year. 

MTB Ray's is 150,000 sq. feet and is a mountain bikers dream come true.  It caters to everyone from beginners, all the way up to seasoned pros.

However, as Miller explains, riding indoors, regardless of level, is different than riding outside. “Everything is pretty contained. The traffic patterns are contained.” 

But he says it doesn’t take long to figure it out. “After about 10 to 15 minutes you’re right in the groove of things and ready to shred.” 

From tricks-to-trails, this old factory is jammed packed with fun ways to shred. It’s filled from wall-to-wall with everything you can imagine to ride on.

Ray’s MTB is only open October through April. But Miller says, in the off-season, the crews change out the courses.

“So each year you come back there’s a little something different,” Miller said.  



The gingerbread house, an annual tradition at the Ritz Carlton, Cleveland, is now on display.

But Pastry Chef, Elka Kanuk, says this year is a little bit different.

"We wanted this year to do ice kingdom wonderland. There are probably ten different types of candy that we put on the house," Kanuk said.

The house took six people almost four weeks to build. But Kanuk says that wasn’t the hardest part.

"Probably the biggest challenge is moving the gingerbread house. It gets really heavy once you put all the candy on there. So, there’s about four people that are trying to lift," Kanuk said.

The house is up until December 30th, but you better hurry. This pastry chef says the house is very tasty. "There’s actually gum balls on there, and I can’t stop eating those."

And from candy.. to drinks. This year, Spirits of the Season at the Ritz, coordinated their drinks to match the Ice Kingdom Wonderland theme from the gingerbread house.

"We really wanted to make this one fit with the holiday season, so the first drink we have is the Ice Princess. We have cotton candy in it," Bartender at Lobby Lounge in the Ritz Carton, Lauren Pappas said.

But that's not all.  There's also a drink called the "Cocoa Queen.

"We have hot chocolate as our base and we’re going to put original Godiva and Godiva White with some Stoli Wanilla. We also have a prince and a king drink," Pappas said.

But don’t worry kids. Pappas says they also coordinated a kids menu that is almost the same idea as the adult menu.

To see the house and get a drink, visit the Lobby on level 6 of the Ritz Carlton, Cleveland. 


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