No sour notes on National Kazoo Day & de-stress with bubble wrap!

CLEVELAND - The kazoo is a classic childhood instrument.

“It’s an old five and dime favorite,” said Steve Presser, owner of Big Fun Toys.

But like many old-school toys, the kazoo has waned in popularity over time. In fact, Presser says the public is "kazoo-less.” 

The owner of Big Fun Toys, carries a variety of kazoos in his store. 

“We have some that are $0.50 and we have some, the metal ones, that are $3,” he said. 

In honor of National Kazoo Day The List stopped by Big Fun for an impromptu jam session. But don't make the mistake so many people do when they pick up a kazoo... remember to hum. Be spontaneous.. and be careful. It’s not just sound coming out of these things. 

“They’re spitters, no doubt about it,” said Presser. 


Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

"Hey! Keep it down!"

It’s what some folks might be saying today, on Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Everyone likes popping bubble wrap, but did you know, bubble wrap comes in handy for so much more than stress relief?

Here's our list of *practical* uses from

– Put it in-between the food in your freezer to fill empty space and help it run more efficiently.

- Place it in your crisper bin to keep fruits from bruising.

- And forget a fancy case or insurance, wrap your cell in a sheet to protect it.

Why do you love Bubble Wrap?

Let us know on Mike Brookbank's Facebook page.






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