Get ready to party with the porcupines

CLEVELAND - Get ready to party with the porcupines, as the Cleveland Zoo celebrates a major milestone. 

In many ways it’s a zoo in and of itself. Curator of Animals, Chris Kuhar, says the rainforest section of the Cleveland Zoo is a popular destination and a big draw.

And this weekend, you expect to see big crowds in the rainforest, which is celebrating 20-years.

“We’re going to have lots of special programs, enrichment for the animals, live music and activities for the guests, so it’s going to be really exciting,” said Kuhar. 

The facility, which covers two acres, is home to more than 10,000 plants and 600 animals.

“We’ve made very few modifications to it over the 20 years because it was really well designed and has some great features to it," Kuhar said. 

The biggest feature of the rainforest is how interactive it is. 

“To watch the kids react when the animal comes up and recognizes that the animal recognizes them, that’s pretty cool, and it’s that kind of connection that we’re really trying to get with people here at the zoo,” Kuhar said. 


New Radio Station Impacts Local Music Scene

Three floors above Cleveland’s iconic Agora Theatre, a new radio station is on the air and it’s already making an impact on the local music scene.

87.7 Cleveland’s Sound is a locally owned and operated independent radio station.

Afternoon Drive DJ Rachel Steele believes localism is what will set 87.7 apart from the competition. “I think that comes through on the air. Most radio stations now are big box stations. They’re music isn’t even programmed here. They have someone in Chicago or New York sending them their daily playlists. Most of their jocks aren’t even here.” 

Cleveland’s Sound is also setting itself apart by playing adult alternative, most of it from the 90’s, but new songs as well.

Steele says, “There really isn’t anybody else in town playing new alternative music, so we’ve really plugged a hole as far as that goes and we have a deep playlist.” 

“Intersanctum” is one of their shows on Sunday nights from 9-11. it features all local talent. "Just giving local musicians a chance to spotlight here in their hometown.” 

87.7 will celebrate its launch with a party Friday, November 16th, at the Barley House from 7pm to 10pm with complimentary appetizers, drink specials and giveaways.

The DJ adds, “We just want to get out there and officially let everyone know that we’re here and we’re here for the city and we’re really excited about it.” 



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