How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

CLEVELAND - If you’re searching for a Christmas tree that would make Clark Griswald proud, get ready to ask some questions. 

Doc, at the Medina Tree Farm, is the guy who can help with the answers. 

“The first and most simple tip is, how tall is your ceiling? Do you like it shapely?  Do you like it full?  Do you want space between the limbs?" Doc said.

If you want the latest trend in trees, Doc says, check out the popular Canaan Fir. It has a very short needle, very pretty shape, and is very soft.  But the look of the tree isn't the only thing you need to keep in mind.  It's also important to think about they type of decoration you have. 

“If you want something that holds up heavy, heavy ornaments, you probably want a blue spruce. It has the most stout branches," Doc said.  

Doc says once you cut your tree, get it in water right away, keep it out of the sun and away from heat. With the right care, your Christmas tree can last 6 to 7 weeks,  but after 3 weeks, you may start seeing the effects of drying and so forth.” 

As for those “tips” to help make your tree last longer, Doc says there's no mystical ingredient.  All your Christmas tree needs is water. 

“People put sugar in the water. That doesn’t do anything but keep it sweet. One young lady came in and said she learned putting a little shot of vodka in the stand was a way to save the tree.  I think she should save the vodka for other uses,” Doc said.



"It’s different than from where you might see Mr. Kringle in other locations in Northeast Ohio." 

That's according to Jimmy Langa,  the Producer of Mr Kringle’s Iventionasium in Tower City.

He says, the Inentionasium finds Innovative ways to engage children. Their goal is to talk them up and get them to understand the importance of creative thought and the imagination.

At Inventionasium, kids use their imagination to help Santa’s helpers brainstorm, design and build their own toys., 

"They’re making all sorts of neato things. Every single inventor makes a different neato thing with the fazoodles," said Taffy Saltwater who works at Invenstionasium.

Taffy Saltwater and Ambassador Humblefuss Hickup are just two of Mr. Kringle’s helpers. They've helped the experience to grow every year, and this year they are expecting 20,000 people.

Langa says, it started by looking back at Cleveland's history. He wanted to capture the magic that used to happen back in the 1950’s with Mr Jingaling and Halle’s 7th floor. And it was that experience that inspired us to create the same kind of experience, but for the children of today. 

"There’s really not another operation quite like this anywhere," Langa said.

Mr. Kringle's Inventionasium runs through December 23rd.

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