How to pick the perfect hat

And added protection from the flu

CLEVELAND - January 15 is National Hat Day, and to celebrate ‘The List’ hit up Mike the Hatter in Broadview Heights, a family-owned business since 1937.

George Anastasakis s the Owner of Mike the Hatter. His motto is: “If you’ve got a head, we’ve got a hat.”  

Hats, like any other trend, have gone in-and-out of style over the years. As for where they’re at now, Anastasakis says he thinks more and more people are looking at it as a fashion statement.

"You see a lot of that out in Hollywood,” he said. 

With 5,000 hats in stock, you’re bound to find one that fits you.  Mike the Hatter ships hats all across the world, many to celebrities.

And while online hat shopping is huge, Anastasakis says, finding the best hat for your head still requires a trip to the store. 

“Until you really kind of see it, feel it, touch it, look in the mirror about 20 times, then you get a feel for what fits your personality, your face, your character," he said.  


Spray can help reduce germs in your mouth

Open wide and spray. It could keep you from getting sick.

Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, M.D. is a Professor at Case Western Reserve and the Director for the Center for Medical Mycology at University Hospital. He helped develop “Halo,” the first oral antiseptic clinically proven to reduce the amount of germs in your mouth.

“The mouth is really a major point of entry for microorganisms. [Halo] kills 99.9% of infective germs, including bacteria as well as viruses,” said Dr. Ghannoum.  

As for when you should use the spray, the doctor said it's a good idea to take it when you are going to a crowded place, if you are traveling and if you’re going to schools or restaurants. 

Oasis Consumer Healthcare, a Cleveland-based company, distributes “Halo” to retailers across the country.

“When you see something you develop and that people are benefiting and helping them it’s always very rewarding and makes you very happy," said the professor. 

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